Sham Barham’s Book on Yezidi Children Republished
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Sham Barham’s Book on Yezidi Children Republished

ERBIL — A book by young Kurdish writer Sham Barham, which sheds light on the Yezidi children who survived the Islamic State (IS) brutality, has been republished.

Barham published the first edition in English last November, which was received overwhelmingly with massive reflection in the media.

The second edition is now available in Amazon section at the Erbil International Book Fair which was launched on 3rd April and it lasts for ten days.

The income from the 1000 copies of the first edition went to the children whose stories were told in the book, entitled “You Are Just Watching: The Story of Yezidi Children Who Survived the Islamic State”.

Barham spent months in the IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region to record a series of “heartbreaking” stories of 10 Yezidi children.

“Listening to the stories of these children has made me grow up beyond my real age… The world should listen to these children, and we need to react,” Barham told BasNews during the book launch ceremony last November.

“I decided to write this book in English with the hope that, not only the people of Kurdistan, but the whole world will learn about the tragedy.”