Yezidi Boy Recalls Horrific Story After Surviving IS in Baghouz
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Yezidi Boy Recalls Horrific Story After Surviving IS in Baghouz

ERBIL — A young Yezidi boy who has recently been freed from the Islamic State (IS) in Syria’s Baghouz says the jihadists were preparing him and many other children for suicide attacks before they were rescued.

Mazin Salim was abducted by IS in August 2014 when the terrorist group attacked his village near Sinjar in northern Iraq. He was soon separated from his parents who are still missing.

Speaking to BasNews after his rescue and arrival to the Kurdistan Region, Mazin said the IS militants were brainwashing the children and forcing them to wear explosive vests and drive car bombs to attack the Syrian Kurdish forces who were leading to liberate Baghouz.

“They taught us how to drive a car, use Kalashnikov [AK-47], BKC, RPG and other weapons. They were forcing children to wear explosive vests and blow themselves up in the war,” Mazin told BasNews.

He further explained that the militants were promising the children to go to “heaven” with everything available if they died in the war.

Mazin remembered his long and horrific journey from Sinjar to Tel Affar, Mosul, Ramadi, Hajin and Baghouz. He said there were times the jihadists beat, humiliate, and prevented the Yezidis from eating or drinking for days.

The young boy said IS put all the children after they abducted them in religious classes where they learned about the Islamic Sharia law. He attended the classes for years in different places.

IS is now defeated and its last pocket in Syria is already liberated. However, from over 6,000 Yezidis, more than 2,500 are still missing. Mazin said the jihadists were re-locating the Yezidi abductees wherever they they came under attack. “Of course, wherever they were taken, the Yezidis were subjected to hardest works and continued humiliation,” he added.

Finally, as Mazin recalls, they were in Baghouz when the IS jihadists had to leave the group of 20 Yezidis and retreat from one front of the battle. Then they were liberated by the Syrian Kurdish forces and sent back to Kurdistan Region.