Kurdish Film Competes Against Hollywood Movies in North Korea
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Kurdish Film Competes Against Hollywood Movies in North Korea

ERBIL - A Kurdish film about the tragic chemical attack on Halabja is in a great competition with Hollywood movies in North Korea to win an international award.

Dani Darin, a Kurdish filmmaker, explained to BasNews that representatives of North Korea, who attended an international film festival in Moscow, were impressed by his work, titled "3/16" which won the first place in the event.

"They told me that the film should be on screen in North Korea as well, so alongside 15 other film directors and actors, who are annually invited [by the country] for special events, I was invited too where I stayed for 15 days," Darin said.

He further pointed out that his film was shown in eight different cinemas in the capital Pyongyang in only two days, adding that it had a great number of viewers and it familiarized many people with the Kurdish nation.

"During the time when we were hosted by the Presidential Palace, the Korean President came and welcomed us," the Kurdish movie director noted.

His film, "3/16" has won 31 international awards and 42 nominations while it is currently in a competition with the Hollywood movies to win four awards in the National Film Award London based on best best script writer, best film policy, best lengthy film, and best independent film.

Darin has also urged people to vote for his film as voting is open on this link.

Dany Darin was born in 1980 in Qalladza district, Sulaimaniya province. He migrated to the UK in 2002. One of his well-known movies is "3/16" which is about the tragic chemical attack on Halabja directed cooperatively with a British filmmaker named Pola Lan.