Iran: “Pistachios for Rent” as People Unable to Afford to Purchase
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Iran: “Pistachios for Rent” as People Unable to Afford to Purchase

ERBIL — Iran is obviously struggling under the pressure of US-imposed sanctions against its main source of national revenue, oil. The government is in trouble with providing jobs and controlling the market prices. However, the greatest price seems to be paid by the people.

A picture has recently gone viral among Iranian social media users. It shows announcement on shops’ windows reading as “Pistachios available for rent to take pictures of Haft-seen”.

Based on Iranian traditions, “Haft-seen” is an arrangement of seven symbolic items whose names start with the letter seen (S) in Persian language. The items are set on the table when Iranians celebrate the New Year (Nawroz) on 21st March every year.

There are other items which are also on the table, among them are pistachios which are now, apparently, an expensive and unaffordable item for most of the Iranians.

According to the picture, stores offer renting the pistachios at a price of 5,000 Toman (approximately $50 cents) for one hour rent. This is while Iran itself is among the top exporters of pistachios in the world.