Among 80 Countries, Iraq Ranked Worst for Living Standards
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Among 80 Countries, Iraq Ranked Worst for Living Standards

ERBIL — Iraq has become the worst country for quality of living in an international ranking which includes 80 countries.

The US News and World Reports published an annual ranking based on responses from more than 20,000 survey participants. Business leaders and citizens from 36 countries evaluated 80 nations according to 75 metrics such as quality of life, economic influence, power, education and eco-friendliness, among other factors, CNBC reported.

Switzerland, for the third consecutive year, toped the chart to once again become the world’s best country to live.

It follows by Japan, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden.

Iraq is the last country in the ranking, coming even after Iran, Angola, and Serbia.

Iraq has gone through decades long of violence and economic downfall since 2003. Most significant crisis occurred in 2014 when the Islamic State (IS) overran northern and western territories of Iraq to occupy major cities like Mosul and Anbar.

Event though the extremist group is physically defeated in Iraq, violence and instability keeps challenging the government with the infrastructure across a vast area devastated by years long military conflicts.

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