KRG’s New Postage Stamps Highlight Kurdish Art, Women Rule
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KRG’s New Postage Stamps Highlight Kurdish Art, Women Rule

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Transport and Communication has introduced four new postage stamps for the year 2019, the ministry announced in an official statement on its website.

The new postage stamps portray subjects connected with Kurdish arts and the role of women in the politics of Kurdistan throughout history.

The first stamp, a painting by well-known Kurdish artist Askandar Osman, shows a woman in Kurdish traditional outfit riding a white horse.

The second stamp is a photograph of Khanzad Castle, 22 km away from central Erbil. The castle is named after princess Khanzad who ruled areas known as Soran Emirate in 16th century.

The third stamp is a photograph by Yousif Hama Rashid, showing a child with a Narcissus flower in hand. The flower represents revival and a new life as it appears by the beginning of Spring which marks the Kurdish New Year.

The last stamp shows a stunning view of a Kurdish village in Hawraman region. The photographer is unknown.