Young Kurdish Writer Donates Book Income to Yezidi Children
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Young Kurdish Writer Donates Book Income to Yezidi Children

ERBIL — During a ceremony hosted by Lalish Cultural Center, young Kurdish writer of the book “You Are Just Watching” donated the income generated from her book to the Yezidi children whose stories were told.

Sham Barham, only 17, published her first book last month in which she narrates the heartbreaking stories of ten Yezidi children taken captive by the Islamic State (IS). Her book is in English language to, as she said, bring the sorrow of Yezidi children to the spotlight for the world.

During the ceremony in Duhok, 11 Yezidi children each received 600,000 Iraqi Dinar (approximately $500) and a copy of the book.

Risala Sharkani, a Yezidi activist and journalist, underlined Barham’s initiative and noted that the young Kurdish writer helps the outcry of the Yezidi victims to be heard while a group of children are also being financially aided.

Sheikh Shamo, head of Yezidi Cultural Center and a former lawmaker, valued Barham’s work as a proof to the world of the Islamic State genocide against the Yezidis.

“Sham’s work will be remembered among the Yezidis forever,” Shamo said.