“Lady Winsley" Goes on Screen in Erbil
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“Lady Winsley" Goes on Screen in Erbil

ERBIL - "Lady Winsley", directed by renowned Kurdish filmmaker Hinar Salim, went on screen on Monday in Kurdistan Region's Erbil province.

"As suggested by the French Institute in Erbil, my new film will be screened in Erbil for the first time and as a gift for the people of Kurdistan," the Kurdish film director said at a press conference held on November 25 at the French Institute in Erbil.

"Lady Winsley" was filmed in Turkey's Istanbul and several European, Turkish, and Kurdish actors played a role, telling the the story of Kurdish people, focusing on their identity and patriotism.

The film was on screen in Erbil where several political officials, world envoys in Erbil, and a number of well-known political figures and intellectuals were present.

However, the film is expected to be shown in France in 2019 and other countries where the French language is spoken, despite the fact that it has been bought by many other countries, including China.

Hunar Kamal is the owner of 12 films, 11 of which are about the Kurdish nation and their struggle, while he is a novel writer, and one of his work has been translated into over 20 languages.