Celebrities from Across the World Join Fajr Film Festival
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Celebrities from Across the World Join Fajr Film Festival

Celebrities from across the world join together to open the 36th Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran's Charsou Cinema Complex.

It is a month before the 36th Fajr International Film Festival opens. This edition of FIFF, directed by Reza Mirkarimi, Iranian filmmaker and director will screen several films, host jury, directors and guests from across the world to hold the international event.

The festival's different sections include competitive and non-competitve categories. The competitive section of the festival includes “Cinema Salvation”, (international competition) for features and short films, and the non-competitive category comprises “Eastern Vista” (panorama of films from  Asian and Islamic Countries), “Cup of Divination” (the Festival of Festivals), the Documentary section, “Zir e Zarrebin” [“Under the Magnifying Glass”], Special Screening " Docs in Focus" (retrospective of world documentaries), “Darolfonoun” (Talent Campus), workshops and seminars.  The Event will take place in Charsou Cineplex in Tehran.

Last year over 5,000 short and feature films submitted their requests to partake in the international event and 140 films from 58 countries found their ways to the FIFF. Over 150 films were screened at competitive and non-competitive sections of the festival. The list included 15 feature films in international sectional, 16 films in competitive section of "Festival of Festivals", 15 short films in “Eastern Vista”, 10 short, documentary and cinematic films in Broken Olive Trees Section, 7 films at the Review of South Korean Cinema, 7 films at the Baltic States Cinema from Lithuania, Lithonia and Estonia, 5 films from South Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland and Mexico as well as an Iranian film in the Shadows of Horror section. Sum of 12 foreign films and two Iranian films were screened at a Special Screening, namely like" Voyage of Time" directed by Terrence Malick, "I, Daniel Blake" directed by Ken Loach, "Afterimage" directed by Andrzej Wajda, "The Unknown Girl" by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne.

8 foreign films and an Iranian film were screened at "Be Kind with Environment" section, 7 foreign and 3 Iranian films at "Classics Restored" like "Pickpocket" directed by "Brober Bression", "Steamboat Bill Jr" directed by "Buster Keaton" and "Charles Reisner", "The Last Chance" directed by "Leopold Lindtberg", "Ran" directed by "Akira Kurosawa", "The Lonely Voice of Man" directed by "Aleksandr Sokurov",  "Daybreak" directed by "Marcel Carne", "City Light" directed by "Charlie Chaplin". Three films by prominent Iranian directors such as "God's House" by "Jalal Moghadam", "A Simple Event" by "Sohrab Shaheed Salles", "Captain Khorshid" by "Nasser Taghvai" were also screened at the international event. 

“Darolfonoun”, which is talent camp of the event, aims to headhunt and train young talenetd filmmakers in the region and world. Workshops of this sort are very popular among young directors in Asia and the Middle East.

The previous edition of FIFF in 2017, was the venue for the 20th Fajr Film Market. Sum of 177 respresentatives from 92 companies from France, Lebanon, Germany, Morocco, Bosnia, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Norway attended the film market.