Kurdish Writer Named Top 20 in Italy
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Kurdish Writer Named Top 20 in Italy

ERBIL — A Kurdish journalist and writer has recently been ranked among top 20 figures in Italy who has had a positive and remarkable role in their communities.

Gianluca Versace, the writer of “Pazza Piave”, prized Kurdish writer Shorish Aziz Surme for decades of attempts to promote the cause of Kurds who are struggling for peace and freedom.

Surme, from Erbil, is living in Italy for 32 years since he was forced to escape Kurdistan under the persecution of Saddam Hussein.

Versace writes about him as a figure who relates the difficulties he and his family have gone through, and makes his readers feel the tragedy faced by Surme.

“When no one seemed to be aware of the pains inflicted on the Kurdish people, he [Surme] voluntarily worked and spared no effort to introduce his people and the atrocities against them to the world. It was the time when no Italian or international media attention was on them [Kurds],” Versace says.