Kurdish Couple Renew Traditional Kurdish Wedding
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Kurdish Couple Renew Traditional Kurdish Wedding

A Kurdish couple renewed traditional Kurdish wedding on horse and with hornpipe melody

ERBIL — A couple, with the support of a group of Kurdish folklore activists from Garmiyan district, renewed the traditional Kurdish wedding party.

In the traditional wedding party, which nowadays can only be seen as fake weddings in festivals, the bride mounts a horse and accompanied by the hilarious melodies of drum and hornpipe and a parade of horse riders along with a desirous snooping crowd of people is taken to her new home.

It was a month ago that Mohammad Kamil, 22, married this way.

"My father proposed the idea and when I told my fiancée about it, she accepted it without further ado," said Kamil, whose father has also decided to marry off his three other sons the same way.

Kamil did not expect their wedding will make such a "roar".

"When we began the party, we saw the excited people following us, then we realized what a great job we have done," said Kmail proudly, adding that he intends to do the same thing for his own children and a number of his friends have also decided to follow in his footprints.

Ako Horeni, Garmiyan culture and arts director, told BasNews that after Kamil's father visited their office for advice on how to arrange for the traditional wedding, the office introduced him to a number of Kurdish folklore supporters and activists.

Kamil's wedding ceremony began from the ancient Sherwana Citadel in the town of Kalar and ended in Bardasur Plain.

Horeni said they hope for the Kurdish traditional wedding to revive, promising that his office will assist any couple who wish to hold their wedding according to the traditional customs.