[IN PICTURES]: World's Oldest Woman Aged 130 Lives in Kurdistan
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[IN PICTURES]: World's Oldest Woman Aged 130 Lives in Kurdistan



The Kurdish woman is as fit as a fiddle, except for her low vision


ERBIL — Rawsh Qasim Hussein, aged 130, is the oldest woman ever in the Kurdistan Region and the world who is still alive and enjoys a good health.


She was born on July 1, 1887, and has 149 children and grandchildren.


Hussein, originally from Dkore, a village of Sinjar District in Duhok province, is now living with her family in Kabar2 IDP camp, in Duhok province.


Despite her age, the Kurdish Yezidi woman seems tough and smart, still smoking and preparing Kurdish cuisine.


She told BasNews that she has done farming works in her entire life, looking after hens and livestock.


She takes pride in her ability to walk long distances without getting tired and her skill at preparing healthy Kurdish dishes.


There are two things in her life that now trouble her.


"I can't see well with my both eyes as I ought to," Hussein said.

The other issue troubling her peace is that she misses her home.


Hussein resettled in the camp, after the Islamic State (IS) extremists attacked her village, where she could prepare enough food to sate her stomach.


"After displacement, my situation is getting difficult because we are now at an IDP camp and I always feel hungry," she said, appealing to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials look after her, so that she spends the rest of her days in peace.