Kurdish Artist Dedicates a Land Art Project to Yezidi Victims
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Kurdish Artist Dedicates a Land Art Project to Yezidi Victims


The project was comprised of thousands of whirligigs  





SINJAR — To pay tribute to the Yezidi victims of Sinjar massacre, a Kurdish artist dedicated his latest project of land art, consisting of thousands of pinwheels, to the victims of Sinjar, particularly the women who are still held in captivity by the Islamic State (IS) extremist group.


Hama Hashim, the Kurdish artist, told BasNews that “the project consisted of 35,00 pinwheels dedicated to the almost 3,500 Yezidi women remaining in IS captivity”.


The project, named "Some Day I Was a Child”, was of whirligigs set in an outdoor area of Sinjar district with the aim to bring fun back into the life of the Yezidi children who have lost their parents to IS.


Regarding the land art, the Kurdish artist said this visual art is a type of  modern arts which has emerged and was used in the modern and post modern era, noting that it has also been developed by the Kurdish artists to some extent.


The predominantly Yezidi town of Sinjar was overrun by IS on 3rd of August 2014, weeks after the fall of Mosul. The jihadist group killed thousands of people by the time, kidnapped nearly 5,000 women and children and forced tens of thousands to flee home.


Since then, nearly two thousand Yezidi captives have been rescued from the group or they managed to escape by themselves; however, thousands are yet in IS captivity.


Sinjar was later liberated from IS on 13th of November 2015 by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces backed by the US-led coalition airstrikes.