Kurdish Girls Encourage Reading Through Splendid Activities in Public
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Kurdish Girls Encourage Reading Through Splendid Activities in Public




SULAYMANIYAH — "The Sofia book club", a group of females focusing on culturizing reading in the Kurdish society, has recently performed some outdoor activities to encourage reading.


The Sofia group is a book club consisting of females, established and based in Sulaymaniyah province in Kurdistan Region and is mainly focused on developing women’s literacy and promoting reading culture in the Kurdish society.


To create a reading culture in the society, the Sofia group delivers books of different genres in an impressive way to the people in neighborhoods of Sulaymaniyah. 


The head of the group who recently got  married is said to have demanded 150 literary books from her husband  as their marriage settlement.


Lanja Khawi, the head of the group, told BasNews, "we have decided to purchase the books from the publishers and make them available to the readers at much lower prices compared to their standard prices at the bookshops”.


"It is required from anyone who joins our club to be an active reader and have a good deal of knowledge on different books," she said.


She explained that the aim of the group is to help promote awareness in the Kurdish society.


"Our group is not restricted to put books on display on the streets of Sulaymaniyah only, we are rather planning to deliver books to other remote areas as well," she said.


Due to her devotion for books, Khawi said "I demanded 150 books as my dowry when I got married, and the members of our book club have decided to do the same".