Kurdish Female Artist Creates Stunning Work with Stones
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Kurdish Female Artist Creates Stunning Work with Stones


Soraya Parvizi decorates hard stones with the charm of colors





ILAM — A Kurdish woman artist has created some stunning artwork using stones and pebbles to paint various animal figures and artistic patterns, she says her art has helped her afford her academic studies.


The Kurdish artist, named Soraya Parvizi from the Iranian Kurdistan, said in an exclusive interview with BasNews that 'painting stones and pebbles' is a wondrous art in which different types and sizes of stones can be used to paint different figures on.


"It creates a special feeling in the artist,” Parvizi said, noting that despite the joy she experiences, her artworks have become a source of income to pay her academic studies.


Parvizi was born in a Kurdish family in Kermanshah, a Kurdish province in western Iran, and she is now living in Ilam. She was introduced to the world of art by her brother who is a calligrapher, she said.


However, what makes Parvisi’s art unique is decorating hard stones with the charm of colors.


The availability of the stones and pebbles makes the art work affordable with low costs and it can be a good financial source as well, she said.


The Kurdish artist has opened several local exhibitions of her work thus far, which made a great impression on the visitors with most of the art pieces sold in early moments.


Parvizi is also making stunning artworks of Illumination and Miniatures. 


However, she told BasNews, she hopes to further expand her work and introduce it to a larger market, but for now she is focusing on her academic studies in archeology.