Miss Kurdistan to Be Selected in September
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Miss Kurdistan to Be Selected in September





Erbil — Kurdistan Region is planning to hold the Miss Kurdistan race in the upcoming September after the event was halted for two years.


Sirwam Tofiq, Head of the Board of Tourism, confirmed to BasNews that the third  miss kurdistan ceremony will be held on 27th September this year which marks the international day of tourism.


The Kurdish official revealed that KRG’s ministry of Municipality and Tourism is cooperating with Babylon Company for the event in which Kurdish girls from the four parts of Kurdistan are eligible to take part.


Tofiq explained that the festival is going to be a good promotion for the tourism sector in Kurdistan Region as many tourists will attend the event.


Miss Kurdistan festival has not been held for the last two years due to the financial crisis as well as the Islamic State (IS) rampage in the region.


The first Miss Kurdistan was chosen in 2012 and Shene Aziz was selected as the first Miss Kurdistan. Later in 2013, fenk muhammad was chosen as the second Miss Kurdistan.