Unique Taxicab in Erbil Captures Attention Wherever It Goes
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Unique Taxicab in Erbil Captures Attention Wherever It Goes





ERBIL — A local taxi driver in Kurdistan Region has made some unusual changes to the parts of his car's body which captures people's attention wherever it goes.


Redar Abdulkhaliq, the taxi driver who owns a 2014 Toyota Corolla, said "I decided to make my car unique not only in Kurdistan, but also in the whole world.”


The boot of the car opens to the left and its bonnet to the right and it's hydraulically operated. The two front doors open upward with hydraulic drive system and the other two rear doors open to the left since they're hinged on the right like a Rolls Royce. 


The height of the car is also adjustable; it can be raised or lowered or the driver can raise only one side of the car. 


An extra fuel tank has been added to the car and the engine has been changed to twin-turbo. The wheels have been reversed and the tires are sensitive. Moreover, the car has air-conditioned seat cushions.


Redar said "my car has been drawing people's attention and they constantly take pictures with it wherever I pull over.”


He added that "a businessman asked me to sell the taxicab for $45,000, but I refused."