Kurdish Student Fights IS Ideology Through Arts
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Kurdish Student Fights IS Ideology Through Arts






ERBIL — A Kurdish student has carried out an art project in Kurdistan Region to fight the ideology of Islamic State (IS).


Sardar Jaff, a student at college of fine arts in Erbil, performed one of his latest projects in the capital of Kurdistan region, in hopes of shading light on the barbaric aspects of IS atrocities.


Jaff told BasNews that he mainly intended to demolish those aspects of IS atrocities which have become the symbol of the jihadist group.


For this purpose, he gathered a group of young men in orange clothing with handcuffs, and told them to walk in a row in the public. The men represented the captives held by IS insurgents in Iraq and Syria, some of who have previously appeared in the group’s propaganda footages and were executed by militants, the Kurdish artist explained.


Jaff said that his project was successful as he observed that people well reacted to the performance, showing sympathy for those who are now in IS captivity, and taking photos with the characters on the street.