Kurdish Asylum Seeker Makes Beethoven's Sculpture in Germany
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Kurdish Asylum Seeker Makes Beethoven's Sculpture in Germany





MANNHEIM — A Kurdish asylum seeker in Germany has recently made a fine sculpture of the famous German musician Beethoven to deliver a message of goodwill to his host country.


Saman Hedayat, a Kurdish sculptor living in Monheim in Germany, told BasNews that his first work in Germany was making the sculpture of Beethoven, the famous German musician.


Hedayat joined millions of refugees last year heading to EU in hopes of finding a better future in the West. 


"I gave the sculpture as a gift to the institute of art in Monheim where I am currently working" he said.


Saman Hedayat has studied the art of sculpture in Kurdistan Region and he is now living in Germany in Monheim.


Along with the influx of Syrian and Iraqi refugees who left their homes in the war-torn areas, thousands of Kurds from the Kurdistan Region left for the western countries, mainly escaping the harsh financial situation at home. Among them several well-known artists are looking for better opportunities for the artistic life.