Illiterate Kurdish Woman Artist Impresses Millions: In Pictures
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Illiterate Kurdish Woman Artist Impresses Millions: In Pictures





Khatu Zeen, a Kurdish woman from Sanandaj province of Iranian Kurdistan, was the bread winner of her family for her entire life, and to earn a living, she made household items from clay.


Khatu Zeen's husband passed away 31 years before her, and she had to take the role of mother and father for bringing up her children.


She made ovens, pots and other household items from clay and sold them in order to earn a living for her children. 


She also had a small factory for sculpturing figures in her house as she had said 

'I have always loved to sculpt the figures of animals and birds I have seen before’.


Apart from sculpting the animal figures, she had also tried to build the figures of the heroes she had heard about from the Kurdish epics.


Khatu Zeen was an illiterate woman, but she was a creative artist as the Kurdish famous sculptor, Hadi Ziaaddin said, and she was inspired by the strong and friendly relationship she had with people.


Khatu Zeen like any other artists became known and honoured after she died in 1994.