Mustafa Barzani’s Statue to Be Unveiled in India
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Mustafa Barzani’s Statue to Be Unveiled in India


Indian interior minister and several other officials will attend the ceremony





MUMBAI — A statue of the prominent Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani will be unveiled on Tuesday in India.


Hakar Fandi, the coordinator for the ceremony, told BasNews that Barzani’s statue will be unveiled on 1st of March at the Ovro hotel in Mumbai where the Indian Interior Minister, some British MPs and Kurdish residents of India will be gathering.


The Statue, which Shows Mustafa Barzani in a Kurdish outfit holding a BRNO rifle, is made of wax by the Kurdish artist Jalal Ahmed.


The artwork will later be set in Mumbai Museum next to the sculpture of the Indian Leader Mahatma Gandhi and the former South African president Nelson Mandela.


Mustafa Barzani, the father of the current President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, is known as the most prominent political figure in modern Kurdish politics who fought almost his entire life for freedom and the rights of Kurds.


He led several revelations against the successive Iraqi regimes which had been attempting to isolate the Kurds and neglect them in the political process in the country.