Kurdish Artist Presents Unique Sculpture to Kobani
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Kurdish Artist Presents Unique Sculpture to Kobani


Zirak Mira and ten other volunteers worked three months on the project





SULAYMANIYAH — A Kurdish sculptor from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has made a monumental statue to value the role of Syrian Kurdish female fighters in the war against terrorism.


Zirak Mira, from Sulaymaniyah, told BasNews that his latest piece of art is the sculpture of a Kurdish female fighter and it was created during the siege on Kobani in the Syrian Kurdistan last year.


The Statue, named ‘Lord of Women’s Victory’, is a present to the people of Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan] to command their resistance and sacrifices, said the Kurdish artist. “The Statue will be fixed in Kobani, in an area where is planned to remain in ruin and become an open museum for the public.”


After the liberation of Kobani, Mira, along with 10 other volunteers, worked for three months to complete the 10-metre-tall sculpture.


Mira revealed that the local administration of Kobani has invited him to visit the town while delivering the present to Kobani.


The Sculpture is scheduled to be exhibited to the public first in Sulaymaniyah and then, early in March, it will be transported to Kobani.