Dissolving Iraq Helps Middle East Relief: Research

30/01/2019 - 15:33 Published in Reports

For decades, Iraq has been making headlines to become the topic of heated discussions both in the political arena and public spheres. Violence and bloodshed are probably the first connotations the word “Iraq” gives, regardless of whether it is a monarchy, a dictatorship or a republic state.

Since its birth, world and regional powers have been trying to glue the different components — Shi’ite Arabs, Sunni Arabs, and Kurds — together. They succeeded in the physical sense of the country, but probably failed in bringing them spiritually under one flag.

To discuss this issue and suggest a possible solution, Kurdish professor Jaza Chingiani has published a research to study the possibility of dissolving Iraq before it totally collapses.

Entitled “The Only Way to Solve the Problem of Iraq”, the research explains that sectarianism, lack of democracy and rule of law, having Kurds as the larges stateless nation, and having different people forced to co-exist within specific borders, are just some of the key problems in the Middle East.

Concerning the Kurds in Iraq, Chingiani believes that it was a strategy by the British to put Kurds, who are Sunni Muslims, next to Sunni Arabs within the borders of Iraq to make a balance of power and population against the Shi’ite Arabs.

Chingiani, who lives in Saint Petersburg, argues that the three main components of Iraq must be given the right to establish their own states. He insists that the problem of the region cannot be resolved without a Kurdish state.

However, the research reminds that if the Kurds, Shi’ite and Sunnis establish three different states in their areas of today-Iraq, then the Sunnis will have the smallest oil reserves, which could, again, lead them into another conflict.

For this, Chingiani suggests a possible agreement that obliges Kurds and Shi’ites to share their oil revenues with the Sunnis for a period of at least two decades. He also hits upon the idea of annexing the Sunni territories to neighboring Jordan where Sunni Islam is dominant as well.

To download the PDF file of the research, find the link “Correst-Deutsch.Russie” on top of this page.