Kurdish-Swedish MP: World Stands with People's Vote for Independence

Leyla H. Sherwani 13/09/2017 - 20:47 Published in Reports


ERBIL— As the timing for holding the independence referendum of Kurdistan is approaching, more politicians, lawmakers and leaders from across the globe voice support for the vote.

Shadiya Heidari, an Iranian Kurdish born Swedish lawmaker from the Social Democratic Party, told BasNews that her party sides with the view of the people and their determination.

Commenting on Kurdistan independence vote (due on 25th September), she stated "The positive ad important point in this process is that the people of Kurdistan are given the choice to determine their fate."

"This is an important step for them and also for Kurdistan because the international community respects and acknowledges any decision issued by the people."

The MP believed due to the current global and regional circumstances, the Kurdish Region's cause has turned to a significant international issue.  

With regards to the possible creation of the State of Kurdistan, Heidari thought "It's not easy to predict the future of the region but what's is promising for the Kurdistan Region is that in the past few years it has been able to reinforce its international foothold."

Heidari disapproved of the claims that the timing of the independence vote of Kurdistan is "inappropriate," saying "for knowing the view of the public or running a referendum, any time is suitable."

She noted in 2015, they submitted a proposal to Swedish parliament for the referendum on independence of Kurdistan.

To her, the independence of any part of the Great Kurdistan, will inspire and give hope to the Kurds in the other parts of Kurdish land.

The Kurdish Swedish MP hoped that any change in the region may take place through dialogue and through peaceful measures.