A Man Marches from Mahabad to Erbil in Support of Kurdistan’s Independence

15/08/2017 - 13:15 Published in Reports

ERBIL — To express his strong support to the independence of the Kurdistan Region, a Kurdish man from Mahabad, the capital of the first Kurdish republic, had been marching from his city to Erbil.

Mam Tahir, a middle-aged man from Iranian Kurdistan, began his walk from Mahabad to Erbil to express his support to the independence move which has been initiated by the Kurds in Kurdistan Region.

Mahabad was the capital of the short-lived Republic of Kurdistan established in 1946 in present-day Iran.

Mam Tahir believes it is now the right time for Kurdistan’s independence since the Kurds have made enormous sacrifices.

Since Kurdistan Region announced its plans to hold a referendum on September 25 on secession from Iraq, the Kurds in Iran, Turkey and Syria have been enthusiastically showing support for the move.

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