“A strong nation, needs a strong leadership”

Why Masoud Barzani is still the only president of Kurdistan, to carry out the referendum and independent Kurdistan?

16 September 2017: Hawler Carnival Rally for Kurdistan Referendum  16 September 2017: Hawler Carnival Rally for Kurdistan Referendum Azad Lashkari

The political division in the Kurdish parliament had the potential to cause tension and instability in the Kurdistan Region. However recently the Kurdistan Parliament showed a historic and courage change towards the future of its own people, by approving the decision to holding the referendum on 25th of September 2017.

This is why the presidency of Masoud Barzani is being extended for the most appropriate mechanism to overcome these problems, and to preserve stability and security in the region.

He is the most suitable candidate for the job because he is a historical Kurdish personality and the respect he deserves is a binding factor for Kurdish nation.

The argument of some of the minor opposition groups might be valid argument and could be based on some facts and figures, but it does not mean that the sovereignty of the people and the region is compromised. 

We need also to be honest and frankly speaking, that Mr. Masoud Barzani, upon the mandate from all Kurdistan political parties, has been trying several years and time to time to negotiate and sending delegations to Baghdad on the Kurdistan demands and emphasize on the will of Kurdistan people. Before announcing the date for referendum, Masoud Barzani put a lot of efforts by travelling to a number of European countries and the US to explain the Kurdistan desire for the referendum and declaring its independence. 

Before travelling to any country, Mr Masoud Barzani engaged all Kurdistan parties and movements to discuss the willpower of Kurdistan people to separate from Iraq and find its own way for a referendum as well as declaring the independent Kurdistan. 

Several neighbouring countries and Arab states and Institutions have been visiting Kurdistan and meeting with Mr Masoud Barzani to discuss on not holding the referendum on 25th of September 2017. All these meetings have always been discussed beforehand with all involved Kurdistan political parties including Gorran and Kurdistan Islamic Group, and subsequently have been informed about all meetings.      

There will always be an individual or forces that need to push the brakes to bring stability to the region, and the current man for that job is "Masoud Barzani".

I believe he is the only man with a legitimate personality among the Kurds capable of silencing the current political unrest in the region. This has been proven recently and proudly, as he is devoting his whole lifetime for the unity and independent Kurdistan for ALL. 

The Goran Movement and Kurdistan Islamic Group should keep in mind that Kurdistan is not yet an official democratic state such as Israel, which is the only democratic state in the Middle East.

To shout for a democratic system requires protocol and that is normal for parliament, but the Kurdish opposition movements must realize that they need to learn a lot when it comes to democracy and put Kurdistan first.

The Kurdish region is very vulnerable. His relative peace and prosperity is in the middle of a metaphorical field, spreading sectarian violence throughout Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. We should not forget that the Kurdistan brave Peshmerga’s are still fighting day and night against the barbaric Islamic group of Dahesh / ISIS.

What might happen, if Turkey threatens the Kurdistan referendum of 25th of September 2017 and not respecting the willpower of Kurdistan people? 

Israel is the first country who will respond to Turkey and warning Erdogan to not make such a mistake, the burning fire will start throughout Turkey. 

It is imperative that the Kurdish region be protected by wise people and not those who try to sabotage the whole Kurdish identity and the dream of the State of Kurdistan.

The plan to start the uprising of more than 20 million Kurds in northern part of Kurdistan is evident and inherent which could run out of hand in Turkey and destroy the major cities and completely lame the Turkish economy.

As a Kurdish diaspora and a businessman, I propose that we all should embrace the Masoud Barzani's caravan, devoting all his life efforts and courage, and of course with the willpower of Kurdistan people, in this time of insecurity, for holding the successful referendum and subsequently for declaring the independent Kurdistan. 

He is the only president of Kurdistan currently and should be considered the "Kurdish King" until the region gets its statement as a state!

Opposition moves come and go, it's a historical fact. And it is in my humble opinion that these current movements, such as the Gorran movement and the Kurdistan Islamic Group, will not last for long as the Kurdish democratic processes and reforms move forward.

Some facts of the opposition might be right to some extent, but we must be careful and take into account the source of those facts.

Opposition movements in Kurdistan should not waste their time because there is no other current leader that can fit Masoud Barzani's shoes as president.

We must honour our legendary leader Mustafa Barzani and be humble in the fact that we have a person who fiercely fights for his people and by the willpower of Kurdistan people.

It is all about the willpower of the Kurdistan people, that why SAY YES to Kurdistan referendum on 25th of 2017.


Written by: 

Bakir Lashkari (Executive MBA)

Chairman for Kurdish Diaspora & Intellectual Society in Europe

Public Speaker and Debater on International Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security, on subjects fighting Corruption & Financing Terrorism.