Is a free Kurdistan, and a new Israeli ally, upon us?

“YES” To Referendum in Kurdistan on 25th of September 2017

We the Kurds are deeply sympathetic to Israel and an independent Kurdistan will be beneficial to Israel as well. It will create a balance of power in the region. Right now, Israel is one country against many. But with an independent Kurdish State, first of all Israel will have a genuine friend in the region for the first time, and second, Kurdistan will be like a buffer zone in the face of the Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

I believe that the important point is that the general mood in Kurdistan has changed in a way that there’s no way we would agree to be ruled from Baghdad anymore. The way we the Kurds look at the world has changed and we are very different in that from Arabs— and we do not see a joint future with Baghdad at all.  We all are very proud of the one and only legend Kurdish Mustafa Barzani, who repeatedly tried to negotiate with Baghdad, but the Central Government of Baghdad never ever accomplished what was agreed and promised to the Kurds. I do not believe any Government from Baghdad and will never have the illusions to trust them!  It is better for our Kurdish nation to get rid off Baghdad rather than to be part of their historical and religious problems!  

When the move to independence does finally come, I am confident that Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq will be hostile to the development. Still, the American reaction is what counts. I do not think that the three neighboring countries will launch a war if Washington supports the Kurdish identity rights by establishing the Kurdish State. To my view, Washington’s stance is a key to all the others.”

The ties between Israel and our Kurdistan run deep. We the Kurds tend to see Israel as a role model for an independent Kurdistan, a small nation surrounded by enemies and bolstered by a strategic partnership with the United States. 

If we look at Israel, has long developed alliances with non-Arab countries on the periphery of the Middle East. Today, that policy rests on partnerships with Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, and Caucasian and central Asian countries.  Frankly speaking, Kurdistan fits perfectly into that framework.

It is my dream that the new Kurdish country likely will open full diplomatic relations with Israel, as soon as Kurdistan has announced it’s independency. We the Kurds are the only nation in the region that has not been filled with hatred toward Israel and America. In building our friendship events, we often say; Kurdistan and Israel Friendship “Long history but also for a good reason”!

The ways we the Kurds see the world is different from Arabs… Generally, Islamists are more powerful in the Arab world; they think that Islamic Sharia is the solution. However, we believe that the majority of our Kurds believe in a European style of government. The problem is we don’t know exactly how to get there. We don’t have enough international lobby experiences like Israel has. But we the Kurdish Diaspora Community and Intellectual Society in Europe have enough reliable experiences with diplomatic & professional networking connections, based on mutual understanding and benefits, and that is why we are determined and will get there sooner and better.

With few friends in the region, we the Kurds will likely look to Israel to help us gain security and closer relations with the United States. As Arab governments in the Middle East totter and fall, and Islamists look to exploit the chaos and terrorism (ISIS / Dahish), the alliance is one that both countries may find beneficial to pursue.

We the Kurds are waiting for the right opportunity to declare independence from Baghdad. Our fight against ISIS / Dahish is still going on, thanks to our brave Kurdish Peshmerga’s who are not only defending it’s our own territories but also on behalf of the western civilized countries, as well as Israel.  

How long will and can we our Kurdish nation stay and waiting for that day?

“YES” To Referendum in Kurdistan on 25th of September 2017

We stand with Israel as much we stand with Kurdistan. How about YOU?

Written by

Bakir Lashkari (Executive MBA)

Chairman for Kurdish Diaspora & Intellectual Society in Europe

Public Speaker and Debater on International Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security, on subjects fighting Corruption & Financing Terrorism.

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