Who betrayed who? "Kurds of western Kurdistan" ROJAVA

By Geen Alhasan


What makes me ask this critical question is the way things have changed so dramatically in the last few weeks in Syria, especially the Kurdish issue.

Until now the Kurdish political parties on the ground couldn’t come to an official definition to their existence in North Syria while me and any other Kurd who lived or are still living in Syria found it for granted to have our ethnic acknowledgment as a nation with our own cultural and political rights, and for that cause many people have died, others spent years of torture in the Syrian regime’s prisons and the majority suffered for decades from ethnic discrimination for their whole lifetimes.

Let’s first accept the fact that ENKS (Kurdish National Council) couldn’t be effective on the ground and PYD (Democratic Union Party) was proved to be stronger, with its armed wing controlling the Kurdish areas and oppose its way of rule, PYD is now the de-facto authority on the ground since July 2012 with its military wings YPG/ YPJ's control north of Syria, later in 2016 have set up three cantons administrations, Afrin, Kobane and Jazire, under the name of “Democratic federation of Rojava” (Rojava: means west of Kurdistan).

However we were surprised and shocked when on December 28, 2016 after a meeting held in the town of Rimelan east of Qamishlo (Qamishly) when PYD and its allies announced the areas with the Kurdish majority as the “Democratic Federation of North Syria”.

It’s good to know that PYD did not discuss its project with the Arab opposition in Syria or other Kurdish parties from ENKS (Kurdish National Council), with whom it has signed more than one agreement for the cooperation, and none of them came into implementation.

So now PYD is reducing the Kurdish rights step by step until there is nothing left to refer to the Kurdish existence in Syria.

Trying to understand this I guess we need to take a look at the whole situation of the political map in Syria within its neighborhood and the current situation inside the Kurdish area to see how the Democratic Federation rules.

As an outsider: when PYD/YPG/YPJ set up the three cantons, they started trying to connect them all together but then Turkey cut the road so early and entered Syria through the city of Jarablus with the -Euphrates shield operation- and asked USA to push the Kurdish forces to the east bank of the river Euphrates and never tried to cross it, whilst Turkey kept bombarding border areas in north Syria.

By doing this PYD found itself as a clear target for Turkey, and as a pro-PKK party it was afraid of losing the reputation it has achieved as an international partner in the combat against Daesh or ISIL.

As an insider: PYD is the only ruling authority on the ground in the Kurdish areas, which they actually did not liberate it from the Syrian regime but the regime handed it over to PYD in order not to face any uprisings during the Syrian civil war to make it easier for itself and be able to handle other areas.

The Syrian regime withdrew its military equipment’s which were already very few compared to other regions in Syria, and kept the official governmental services in charge, and keeps paying salaries until today.

PYD imposed a Kurdish curriculum to be taught in schools only for Kurdish students alleging that everybody should study in his own language, the curriculum is being taught by teachers from PYD who are poorly educated (trained in Summer vacation) and have no certificates, not official teachers and they are being paid by PYD.

In the meantime the teachers employed by the Syrian government have to stay home and still being paid by the regime! Arab students, attend the old Syrian curriculum in the Arabic neighborhoods.

But the disaster is with the future of these students who when they finish high school will have no hope to study at any university, since their certificate is not acknowledged by any government not even the Syrian one, with the absence of a good curriculum, and no recognition of other countries, we will be killing our new generation’s future rather than creating better chances of education.

Frankly speaking, I totally agree with the idea of teaching in Kurdish language, however the good will is never enough. What matters is the methodology.

Writing a Kurdish curriculum is not that easy and it takes years of continuous work and experience and not before the recognition of the Kurdish language as an official language in Syria at least.

Moreover, PYD oppress any anti-PKK or PYD opinion, no media reporters of any other different point of view, no other political activities are allowed, they don’t hesitate to put in jail anyone, even Kurdish politicians. They recruit underages no matter male or female until people started fleeing to save their lives from war and obligatory military service either by the regime or by YPG/YPJ.

I remember how people trusted PYD at the very beginning and even tried to defend its activities and welcomed its cooperation with Bashar al Asad to keep the city safe from bombardments. 

I could understand it since it was their only hope on the ground to stay safe and reach the Kurdish rights, they even closed their eyes on their atrocities towards civilians hoping this will be temporary until they achieve something meaningful, I even heard that with my ears when it's supporters used to say: "This is politics."

Ok but until when? There is nothing left from the Kurdish rights any more, no existence, no identity and no language, there is even no Kurdish flag any more. PYD bans the old Kurdish flag acknowledged since 1920s by various Kurdish movements, and created its own party flag.

We were, before the war at least, an oppressed nation seeking acknowledgement, but now we kill our nation by giving up everything, and leaving the case in the hands of the wrong people. 

I'm not writing this article as a politician but as a person who had to know and understand some politics to know what's going on in the so called "my country".

According to PYD, there are no more Kurds officially in Syria, which it's now called: "North-Syria".
By doing this we betray all the martyrs of freedom, we betray the blood that has been shed for the Kurds' rights, and we betray our Kurdish cause. 

I hate to judge, but let the people and time judge: did PYD betray its fellows? Or did we Kurds betray ourselves?

And now imagine ROJAVA as just a normal part of Syria.


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