Society's Influence on Separating Paths




When we heard about word gender we immediately think about division and differences between female and male! Also, when doctors tell mother what's gender of their babies' weather its boy or girl, they directly might conjure images of blue versus pink, toy trucks versus dolls, and anatomical differences. When we were born, we were typically placed into one of two distinct categories: male or female!


This topic might be quite a bit more complex than most people think, but partly I want to talk about the influences of this division on the individuals. Gender is when our society had been created every single role such as feelings, behaviors, and so on for men and women from the beginning of their lives. In our society, they are not just giving them normal roles, but also they combine cultural roles too، which makes it much worst. Those Gender roles and cultural roles are passed on through generation to generations, it has been changed a bit in some ways, but generally it’s the same. 


From the age two to three children will be aware of those differences between girls and boys based of the nature and the environment that they live in, and their parent's actions in their daily lives. Baby boys mostly and continually dressed gray, black, and blue, while the girls will be dressed red, pink, and purple. As they grow up, they will be more captured and controlled by cultural divisions. 


The cultural divisions in Kurdistan region is in a high level because our society dressed men and woman all the characteristics of masculinity and femininity. Masculinity is associated with men having some specific characteristics, it's about being physically and emotionally strong. The physical side is to be dominant. Being emotionally strong is the characteristics of the men having no fear, nor feelings. To illustrate, the society says men should not cry; men are strong. Simultaneously, woman supposed to be emotional and follow male's orders such as their father, brothers, and husband. Also, they should obey males in her family. In addition, Woman have to accept that they have secondary roles in their societies and their families while men are dominate. Plus, both men and woman have different duties. In the 20th century, men were considered responsible for taking care of the family financially, and woman were expected to be in charge of running the household, but through time it changed in the whole world including Kurdistan region. The change in Kurdistan region is in a small amount, because people in the Kurdistan region mostly value the men and woman who follow the traditional way of living, and it needs a lot of effort to make it better in our region and in the whole world.


This division in Kurdistan region prevents women from being independent and rational because they are not offered power, opportunity, employment, and education. Plus, they are not treated as a fully human being, so that they cannot realize their internal pentagonal, they cannot realized what they can really do for themselves and also for their society. Also, woman hardly realize their actual capacity and ability to develop their ways for the future, while men cannot express their feeling and act like normal human being. The society separates both men and women paths from the first day of their lives. Men are not supposed to cry or like a couple of colors, songs, or even some kind of movies. Like women watch romantic sensitive movies, but men should watch horror or movies that shows more violence. This whole process draws the limitation line for both genders which brings limitation of achievement and capability for both genders and without it they would achieve more.


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