Kurdistan Delegation Revisits Baghdad amid Parliament's Anti-Referendum Vote


ERBIL— For the second time early next week, a delegation from the Kurdistan Region will head to Baghdad for talks over the imminent independence referendum of Kurdistan while the Iraqi lawmakers voted to abort the plan on Tuesday.   

In a press conference on Wednesday, Abdullah Zaidi, responsible for Kurds' dossier in the Shi'ite National Alliance, said Kurdistan Region presidency's chief of staff, Fuad Hussein, contacted them for scheduling the visit.

"We agreed for a delegation to visit Baghdad early next week," he said.

The delegation will be led by Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)'s leadership council member and former Iraqi deputy prime minister, Roj Nuri Shawes.  

Zaidi hoped Baghdad and Erbil can settle their issues through dialogue.

Earlier in mid-August a senior referendum delegation, containing representatives from almost all the political, ethnic and religious components of Kurdistan and the disputed areas visited Baghdad.

The delegation carried the message that the independence vote of the Kurdistan Region, to take place after only 12 days, is a constitutional right.

The representatives concluded their first round of talks with Baghdad after one week, describing the talks as "constructive" and "positive."

However, the efforts in Baghdad to prevent the vote are expediting, with the Iraqi House of Representatives' vote on Tuesday which labeled the referendum as "unconstitutional."

Iraqi MPs also launched a signature campaign today to oust Iraqi Kurdish President Fuad Masum from his position.