Kurdish Opposition Leader Suffering Critical Health State in PYD Jail

ERBIL— Under the custody of the ruling Kurdish party in Rojava (Northern Syria), a Kurdish opposition leader is suffering from "extremely critical heath state," a human rights activist warned.

 Abdulrahman Apo a leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)- Syria, needs constant medical treatment, Manal Hasko told BasNews on Saturday.

Apo was arrested by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) on 12th June this year in front of his house in the city of Afrin.

Hasko stated the people who investigate Apo are not legal professionals and accused PYD of "insulting" Apo in the prison.

He described the PYD members as "slaughterer," who ignore the adverse situation that the arrested leader suffers from.

The human rights activist censured the PYD polices of arresting Kurdish political leaders and activists while setting free the Islamic State (IS) members.

There are some reports about PYD freeing IS members.  

In an earlier account to BasNews, Ahmed Hassan, the KDP-S chief in Afrin, also warned about the deteriorating health situation of Apo, saying  he was on medication before he "got abducted" by the PYD.

"Apo was abducted because of the KDP-S positions which were in favor of the Syrian revolution and the demands of the Kurdish nation for abolition of Syrian dictatorial regime and establishment of a federal system in which the aspiration and demands of all the components can be met," Hassan stated.

Earlier a number of international human rights organization in Europe demanded the PYD to free the KDP-S official and the rest of the political prisoners in Afrin.  

The PYD has been accused of violating human rights by abducting and jailing hundreds of opposition activists, journalists and political leaders.