Kurdistan Youth Migration on Decline: Official

ERBIL— The youth and people no longer migrate to Europe and abroad in large numbers, rather, those who migrated return home, said the director of migration in Kurdistan Ministry of Interior.

Speaking to the official page of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Monday, Shakr Yasin said annually up to 4,000 people return home.

He indicated that in 2016, some 1,770 individuals and since the beginning of this year, over 500 individuals have returned home from abroad.

The official noted these statistics indicate only the registered cases while he refuted the media reports and statistics over the level of migration.  

"One who migrates does not register their name anywhere, so no one can be sure how many people have migrated," Yasin stated, describing the media reports as "false propaganda."

He stated that in the past few years many people left Kurdistan due to the economic crisis and the war against the Islamic State (IS).

"But currently migration to abroad is on decline and youth do not migrate," Yasin said, "On the contrary, those who migrated, return to Kurdistan once again."

He indicated that his office has a plan to assist the returnees, without giving any details about the plan.