Coalition Jets Destroy IS Factory for Car Bombs Near Kirkuk


Over a dozen of IS insurgents were killed at the scene 


19/09/2016 - 10:46 Published in News




KIRKUK — Warplanes belonging to the US-led coalition overnight on Sunday shelled a Islamic State (IS) position near Kirkuk in northern Iraq, destroying a weapons cache and killing 17 jihadists.


An IS factory, where the extremists were improvising vehicles with explosives, has been destroyed and, as a result, inflicted the group with heavy damages at the facility, a military source told the press.


The target was reportedly located near Dubiz district, some 40 kilometers northwest of Kirkuk.


According to Kurdish Peshmerga officials, IS has been significantly weakened due to the latest defeats inflicted on them, and they attempt to carry out car bombs and suicide attacks more than before.


Coalition airstrikes, that have started since August 2014, plays a key role in building up momentum for the government forces. The fighter jets target IS positions in a close coordination with the Peshmerga forces and Iraqi forces on the ground.