New Putin and Netanyahu Discuss Kurdistan Region

New Over 60,000 People Displaced Due to Iraq’s Assault on Kirkuk

New Peshmerga Ministry Reorganizing Forces: Official

New Iran Sends Ramazan Headquarters’ Teams to Kirkuk: Source

New Hashd Al-Shaabi Militias Looting, Burning Kurds' Houses in Kirkuk

New Iran’s Quds Force Opens Bases, Headquarters in Kirkuk

New Baghdad-backed Militias Search, Loot Kurdish Houses in Kirkuk

New PKK Makes Deal with Baghdad-backed Shi’ite Militias on Sinjar

New No Threat on Erbil: Security Chief

New Peshmerga in Full Control of Makhmour: Commander

New Hundreds Gather in Erbil to Protest Baghdad’s Violent Action Against Kurds

New Kurdish Lawmaker Shwan Qaladzayi Dies in Trafic Accident

New Erbil, Baghdad to Return to Pre-Mosul Agreement on Borders

New Barzani Releases a Statement on Recent Events in Kirkuk

New US Silence on Iran’s Attack on Kurds in Iraq “Tragedy”: US Former Diplomat

New SDF Declares Full Takeover of Raqqa

New Barzani to Release a Statement on Situation in Kurdistan

New Iran Seizes Region’s Largest Oil Fields in Kirkuk

New IS Militants Capture Two Villages in Western Kirkuk

New Washington Has to Protect Kurds Against Baghdad Offensives: Congressman

New US “Very Concerned” by Violence in Kirkuk: State Department

New Peshmerga in Full Control of Makhmour, Gwer Districts

New Maliki Thanks PUK Faction Which Facilitated the Occupation of Kirkuk by Shi’ite Militias

New Shi’ite Militias Insult Kurdish, American Flags after Raiding Kirkuk with US-donated Arms

New PUK Peshmerga Commander Missing: Source

New Kurds Escaping Kirkuk as Hashd al-Shaabi Militias Enter

New US Senator Warns Against Misuse of US Weapons by Iraqi Forces

New Baghdad-backed Shi’ite Militias Praise PUK Faction for Withdrawal

New KRG: No Suspension of Oil Exports

New Coalition: We Are Monitoring the Military Movements Around Kirkuk

New Legitimate Rights of Kurds Should Be Respected: Kremlin Spokesperson

New Peshmerga Ordered to Fight to the Last Man in Defence of Kirkuk

New Iraqi Forces, Backed by IRGC, Attacked Kirkuk: Peshmerga Command

New PUK Influential Faction Orders Withdrawal of Peshmerga from Tuz Khurmatu

New US Calls on All Parties to Immediately Cease Military Action in Kirkuk

New IRGC Terrorist Attempting to Invade Kirkuk, Why Is US Quiet?

New KRG Refutes Baghdad’s Accusation on PKK’s Engagement in Fight in Kirkuk

New US Urges Iraqi and Kurdish Forces to Avoid Destabilizing Actions

New Iranian-backed PMF Using US Military Equipment Against Peshmerga: KRSC

New US Diplomat on Kirkuk Conflicts: Kurds Need Our Help Against IRGC Proxies

New Coalition Threatens Downing Iraqi Jets If Fly to Attack Kurds: MP

New Top PUK Official: Peshmerga Fully Committed to Defend Kirkuk

New Peshmerga Inflicts Shi’ite Militias with Heavy Damage in Southern Kirkuk

New Barzani Gives Peshmerga Green Light to Fire in Kirkuk to Defend Only

New Kosrat Rasoul Arrives in Kirkuk with Additional 3,000 Peshmerga Troops

New Baghdad-backed Militias Ordered by Abadi to Advance Towards Central Kirkuk

New Kirkuk Governor Calls on People to Take Arms Against Hashd al-Shaabi

New KRG Rejects Baghdad Accusations of Provoking Military Clash in Kirkuk

New Baghdad Started Moving Shi’ite Militias Towards Central Kirkuk: KRSC

New Hashd al-Shaabi Looting Properties Belonging to Kurds in Tuz Khurmatu