New Prominent Kurdish Scholar Amir Hassanpour Dies From Cancer at 74 

New IS Beheads Seven Civilians in Hawija

New Iraqi Jets Kill 30 IS Members in West of Anbar 

New Iraqi Forces Block Wave of IS Suicide Attack in Mosul’s Old City

New PYD Releases Two Rival Politicians in Qamishlo

New 5 Members of a Family Killed in Mosul Airstrike

New Turkey’s Erdogan Says Countries Which Promised to Disarm YPG Trying to Trick Ankara 

New Independence Referendum Committee to Begin Preparations in Days

New Iraqi Forces Seize IS’s Drone Factory

New Masrour Barzani: Referendum to Formalise Delineated Border Between Kurdistan and Iraq

New UN Envoy to Iraq: Days of IS are Numbered

New KRG Decries Attack Attempt on Mecca’s Grand Mosque

New Watch: US Consul General Remembers Peshmerga Sacrifices on Eid al-Fitr

New Peshmerga Repels IS Attack in West Kirkuk

New Iran Vows to Address Drying River Flowing into Kurdistan

New Kurdistan: 235 People Arrested over Drug-Related Charges in 6 Months

New Less Then 200 IS Militants Remain in Mosul's Old City 

New Two Dead in IS Rocket Attack in Diyala Province

New US Plans Removing Iraq From List of Worst Child Soldier Offences 

New Ex-Iraqi Army Officers Under Saddam Hussein to be Succeeders of IS Leader 

New Turkish Soldier Killed in PKK Attack

New Barzani’s Message on Eid al-Fitr

New Independence Referendum “Historic Chapter” in Kurds’ Struggle: Masrour Barzani

New 8 Die as Twin Blasts Hit Eastern Mosul

New Kurdish Diaspora May Vote to Referendum Electronically

New BCF Establishes Two Schools for IDPs on Mount Sinjar

New Yezidi Family of Six Rescued from IS in Syria

New Official Urges Iraqi Govt Respond to Threats against Kurds in Baghdad

New Two IS Militants Surrender to Peshmerga in Southern Kirkuk

New IS Executes Three Arab Shepherds in Kirkuk

New Second French Journalist Dies Due to Injuries Sustained from Mosul Blast

New Hashd Al-Shaabi Creating Barriers for Iraqi Tourists Visiting Kurdistan

New US Central Command Confirms Death of IS Finance Emir in Syria

New Barzani Reassures Arabs in Nineveh Plains of Their Rights

New UN Condemns Demolishing of Mosul’s al-Nuri Mosque by IS 

New Iran Dries Mighty River Flowing into Kurdistan

New PKK, Hashd al-Shaabi Working to Divide Yezidi Region: Sinjar Mayor

New Political Vacuum Threatening Post-IS Mosul: Official

New MSF Responds to Mass Casualties in West Mosul

New US Judge Blocks Deportation of Over 100 Iraqi Nationals 

New Kurdish Media Figure Runs Fundraising Campaign for People with Special Needs

New EU to Continue Its Support for Peshmerga Forces: EP Speaker

New 39 People Arrested in Kirkuk over "Terrorism" Charges

New Kurdistan Resumes Oil Exports to West after Three Years Halt

New ENKS Leader Suffering Serious Health Condition in PKK’s Prison in Rojava

New War Remnants Kill 2 in Kurdistan

New US Assures Turkey of Taking Back Arms from Syrian Kurds

New Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Clash with PKK

New ISESCO Condemns Destruction of Al-Nuri Mosque 

New PKK’s Presence on KRG Borders Posing Threat to Civilians: Soran Mayor