Another Russian Oil Producer Expected to Operate in Kurdistan

07/10/2017 - 18:10 Published in Economy


ERBIL — Russia is urging its oil companies to begin operating and invest in Kurdistan Region in the energy sector, said a Kurdish official.

The representative of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Moscow Khoshawi Mala Ibrahim told BasNews that Russia does not oppose the independence bid of Kurdistan Region and it has encouraged its giant oil companies to operate in the region.

Ibrahim noted that Russia’s top oil producer Rosneft has affirmed that it will continue its oil production in Kurdistan. Gazprom Neft, another Russian state-owned company, is currently producing 5,000 barrels of oil in Kurdistan per day.

The Kurdish official revealed to BasNews that Zarubezhneft, a Russian state-controlled oil company, specialized in exploration, development, and operation of oil and gas fields outside Russia, is also planning to start the exploration in the Kurdistan Region.

Russia largely relies on oil and gas revenues and the presence of its companies in Kurdistan Region has an impact on its attitude towards Erbil, said Ibrahim adding that Vladimir Putin, in his latest visit to Ankara, urged Turkey to avoid halting Kurdistan Region’s oil exports to Ceyhan port.