Global Citizen Festival this year focuses on the refugee crisis and appeals help for them



If beheading, sexual enslavement, child rape, and all those acts will not force you to act,what will, the Kurdish Yezidi activist says



US president is likely to offer support for Abadi amid internal challenges 



She called on the Muslim countries to join her and “speak out against this distortion of their religion.”



War on IS and Peshmerga’s role in the battles on top of the agenda 



Only a small number of Yezidis support PKK, says a Yezidi member of parliament 



France will send artillery to Iraq to support the Iraqi forces in the fight against IS, François Hollande says



Pentagon Chief praised the role of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the war on IS



The US-led coalition members raised over $2 billion to support the areas in Iraq liberated form IS



Despite playing a leading role in the war on IS, Kurds have not been invited to the US-led global coalition meeting in the US