Commander of Nineveh operations says recapturing Qayyara gives momentum to Iraqi forces in southern Mosul



Coalition military assistances to Peshmerga will continue 



They want to participate in the offensive to protect Turkmens living in IS-held territories in Mosul 



Kurdish envoy to the United States says Peshmerga will take part in Mosul operation



Sending heavy and standard weapons, providing military trainings are part of the MoU between US and KRG



The MoU revolves around US military and financial assistance to Peshmerga



The memorandum makes references to military and financial support to the Peshmerga forces



US will continue increasing its support for Peshmerga forces, Ashton Carter pledges 



US advisers will be deployed to the base to give instructions to the Iraqi forces



Ashton Carter met with the Iraqi officials and US commanders in Baghdad