Peshmerga forces have been defending these areas by poring their blood, says a spokesperson 



Peshmerga forces advanced about 7 km towards central Mosul



Approximately 150 square kilometers was liberated during the last two-day operation, Chancellor of KRSC says



Several dozens of IS militants, killed or injured, have been transferred to Mosul hospitals, according to Peshmerga sources



IS has been inflicted with heavy damages at the hand of the Peshmerga forces



Significant territorial gains have been made against the jihadist group



Tehran is intending to enforce a new status quo in Iraq through proxy militias, Atheel Nujaifi says



Success won't be achieved in Mosul offensive without Peshmerga, Joseph Dunford says



Militias with records of serious abuses should be banned from taking part in the assault 



Kurdistan Region President discusses Mosul operation with a number of tribal leaders from Nineveh province