Walid was one of the founders of Ansar al-Islam, Dindar Zebari says



Turkish authorities blame PKK for the attacks on Sunday



Kurdish Yazidi envoys will be attending a conference in US to secure more assistance for their areas



No assassination for any leader of YPG in the past weeks, YPG officials said



Turkish media reported PKK commander Bahoz Erdal was killed in Syrian Kurdistan



Such attacks show that IS atrocity knows no boundaries, reads a statement by KRP



Almost half of the city has been rehabilitated with assistance provided by KRG alone, Kurdish official says



The event intends to secure more support for Kurdish Yazidis, Christians and Shabaks



Germany and other countries should maintain assisting Peshmerga in their war on IS, Merkel says



Kurdistan Region Presidency condemns the attack and shows readiness to provide the inured civilians with medical treatment