Baghdad will remain a strategic partner for Erbil even after independence, KRG prime minister says



Kurdistan Region President criticizes the Iraqi foreign minister for posing obstacles for Kurds



The assault to liberate Mosul is yet in its “planning stage”, KRG prime minister says



Finding a solution to the political deadlock in the region on agenda



Iraqi government has been depriving Sinuni subdistrict of its budget for 30 years



They will proceed with the plan if they are officially asked



The general public and the Yazidi community in particular can share their videos, photos, or any information that can be used as proof of the


The airbase consists of a landing runway and a base for logistical support



They are going through a security procedure now



The sole aim of Saudi Arabia and the US behind backing these opposition forces is to damage the security of Iran, Majid Arjomandfar says