Iraq is a conceptual failure, compelling people with little in common to share an uncertain future, Barzani said



KDP will initiate the meeting aiming to reach a political consensus on Erbil-Baghdad relations



There are other priorities for Barzani to deal with, a Kurdish MP says



Compulsory coexistence has not worked in Iraq, Chancellor of KRSC says



Hospitals in Mosul are occupied with injured IS militants, Peshmerga commander says




The extra ground troops are sent to the Kurdish areas to encounter the Iranian Kurdish opposition activities



The Iraqi MP replaces the Kurdish forces with a new Arab unit



The package will include sniper rounds and ammunition for heavy machine guns



Barzani and Salil Shetty, the Secretary General of Amnesty International, meet in Erbil




Those who aided IS atrocities against the minorities will be considered as part of the jihadist group, Barzani says