An independent Kurdistan can deepen the Erbil-Baghdad relations, Hemin Hawrami says


Closer coordinations between Erbil, Washington DC and Baghdad is of significant importance for the operation



Washington encourages “close cooperation” between Erbil and Baghdad to defeat IS



Kurdistan Region President says he is optimistic about the PKK-Turkey relations, “but it may need further efforts and time” to mend the ties



KDP President released a statement to mark the 70th anniversary of his party



 The status of Kurdistan Region is of enormous significance to China, Chinese ambassador to Iraq says



Kurdistan Region President criticizes the Iraqi foreign minister for posing obstacles for Kurds



Pentagon Chief praised the role of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the war on IS



Despite playing a leading role in the war on IS, Kurds have not been invited to the US-led global coalition meeting in the US


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