H. A. Hasan

H. A. Hasan


"I see a promising future for our people," Masrour Barzani says

Niqash website claimed that KRSC introduced previously captured terrorist as an attacker of the October 21 Kirkuk attack



He was involved in the use of suicide vehicles, IEDs and chemical weapons against SDF in Syria




Wilfried Buchta says the Middle East is moving towards dissolution and IS will re-emerge from the ashes like



It is the end of colonial period and Sykes-Picot lines are over, Kouchner says



“Kurdistan is much better prepared for independence than any other place that I have seen," Peter Galbraith says



The country must be divided into at least three states


Anyone coming from the IS-held areas must go through security screening process



KRSC Chancellor met with Obama’s special envoy to discuss the military developments in northern Iraq



The projects include schools, electricity, water wells and more

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