KRG’s 9th Cabinet Marks One Year in Office
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KRG’s 9th Cabinet Marks One Year in Office

ERBIL — The 9th cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), under the leadership of Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, is celebrating one year in the office today with a handful of achievements and greater goals in prospect.

Kurdistan Region Parliament approved the 9th cabinet on 10 July 2019 after PM Barzani was sworn in and his cabinet agenda was passed by a majority vote.

Since the beginning of his cabinet, PM Barzani has visited Baghdad four times as his government works on building a close and friendly relation with the federal government of Iraq based on mutual interests. Since then, the sides have made significant progress in the negotiations on multiple issues, including budget, oil, and disputed areas.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), in its dialogue with the federal government of Iraq, has made it clear that all the disputes should be resolved in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution. Erbil is also keen to compromise on no legitimate rights of the people of Kurdistan that are granted by the Constitution.

However, for both the government and the people of Kurdistan, the greatest achievement of the 9th cabinet of the KRG is the implementation of the Reform Law, which was passed by the parliament earlier in January.

The Reform Law, which hopes to provide more certainty and accountability on salaries, pensions, and allowances for public servants, was put into effect on 1st July.

“This bill is in response to Kurdistanis’ demands for fairness across the public sector – in salaries, pensions and benefits. It will end the abuse while protecting the rights of those with entitlements,” PM Barzani wrote on his official Twitter account on the day the law was put into effect.

As promised in its agenda, the 9th KRG Cabinet has also begun the efforts to improve Kurdistan Region’s economy by diversification of revenue sources in a way that it will no longer depend on oil solely. It has also made significant progress digitalizing the government expenditure system so as to prevent wasting the government’s financial capacity.

Needless to say that the greatest challenge for this cabinet has so far been the new coronavirus pandemic. However, in comparison with the neighboring states, the KRG has been successful in fighting the outbreak. It was among the first governments in the region to shut down schools and universities, halt government institutions’ operations, close the border crossings, and introduce lockdowns and other preventive measures which have been relatively effective in keeping the spread under control.

However, the 9th cabinet took office with the moto of “A Stronger Kurdistan”, and it has made it clear that they will continue the path with the same commitment to realize the entire proposed agenda that the cabinet promised to the people of Kurdistan on the day of its formation.