Over 100 People Died at Syria's Al-Hol Camp this Year: Monitor
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Over 100 People Died at Syria's Al-Hol Camp this Year: Monitor

At least 62 of them were children

ERBIL - A human rights monitoring observatory has revealed that more than 100 people have lost their lives at Syria's al-Hol camp amid the deteriorated situation since January, this year.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a report that "the international sides" have provided the camp with "very little help and support," noting that at least 103 people had died since early 2020.

It added that 62 of them were children.

"The deteriorating health and living conditions, lack of medicine, and shortage of medical care in the camp are the major factors behind the increase of death toll in the camp," the monitor added.

The monitoring group said that a total of 588 people have lost their lives in around 18 months, adding that 488 of them were children.

"The children who died were nationals of Britain, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, China, Chechnya, Turkestan, Morocco, Tunisia, Maldives, Indonesia. Somalia, and India, as well as other nationalities from Asia, Europe, and Africa."